Caving, an unusual activity! A journey beneath the horizon: exploration, adventure, discovery...
The subterranean world, an environment that is both disturbing and attractive, remains shrouded in mystery. But for those who dare to venture, it holds the promise of discovery and enchantment. Caving is an activity open to all, combining group spirit, sport, science, nature and the joy of exploration. As an outdoor activity, it also offers the advantage of being practicable all year round.

The Balagué cave at Rébénacq 

With a depth of 565m and a gentle gradient of 20m, this is an ideal introductory cave. 
The entrance is via a passage where you have to squeeze through, followed by progress through low passages before reaching a beautiful concretion-filled gallery. Further down, another, larger gallery is filled with gravel, clay and collapsed ceiling blocks. Return via a winding gallery that ends in a small shaft before reaching the exit.

The Eaux Chaudes cave

The Eaux Chaudes cave is a more challenging outing. After a fine approach walk [link to local footpaths], you enter through the enormous porch from which the river flows. The vaulted ceiling features original stalactites and potholes on the floor. 
You then make your way through large galleries where the water makes surprising hollows to reach the "big barrier". Once you reach this level, the progression becomes technical. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional help to visit the cave.
If you have an adventurous spirit and are not afraid of narrow tunnels, heights, darkness and insects, then caving is for you!
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