Rafting, hot dog, hydrospeed.... Fill up on freshness!
Everything starts with the melting of the snow when the torrents fill with water, the courses become practicable for white water sports. On the gave d'Ossau, from Laruns to Oloron Sainte Marie, you sail in the heart of a wild river in a vegetal atmosphere where you may meet the gray heron and the dipper.

Rafting on the gave d'Ossau in spring.

A fun and family course

From March to June, you can make your first family descents on the gave d'Ossau. On the program in half-day, a beautiful fun descent of 2 hours between Laruns and the lake of Castet, course in river between laces and gravel pits. You learn the first techniques of navigation and taste the sensations of the current.

For the sportiest

Meet on the day course between Buzy and Oloron Sainte Marie. This category 3 river leads you to the Bager d'Oloron forest, classified for its hundred-year-old oaks. You sail along the meanders of the gave which transports you in an atmosphere of expedition in unknown land. The adventure is behind every paddle stroke, the surprise of meeting the flight of an ash heron or catching the jump of a salmon. 
Halfway through, the lunch break is on the banks of the river or on the grass of a meadow. 
The last part intensifies with the passage of dams, class 4 rapids, jumps and if you wish to swim in whitewater in the tumultuous broths.
This course is offered for half a day with a sports descent between Herrère and Oloron Sainte Marie.

Summer on the gave of Pau

The water level is no longer sufficient in summer on the gave d'Ossau, the gave de Pau becomes the playground for rafting enthusiasts. Between Lourdes and Lestelle-Bétharram, the activity is accessible from 7 years with all the fun that can provide a descent of rivers between broths, jumps and swimming.
It is at the end of this course that the canoe Kayak champions such as Tony and Patrice Estanguet, several times world and Olympic champions, train regularly.
Depending on the water level and the public, these courses can be practiced on board various boats such as raft, airboat, hot dog and miniraft.
  • The raft: inflatable boat with 6 to 10 seats. The boat is very stable and allows to navigate on most courses. The guide is on board the boat, he is in charge of the boat and everyone participates by paddling the boat. 
  • The miniraft: a smaller raft, 4 to 6 seats. Its small size makes it easier to steer. You can replace the guide at the helm of the boat.
  • The Hot Dog: an inflatable two-seater canoe.
  • The Airboat: a single-seater inflatable kayak. The Airboat is much more stable than the traditional kayak.
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