Station de Gourette

This south-facing, family-friendly resort, nestled at 1,350 m above sea level, at the foot of the slopes, is suitable for all levels of skiing and offers a range of outdoor activities.

The Cirque de Gourette is a designated protected area because of its outstanding natural beauty. Dominated by the silhouette of the Pic de Ger (2,613 m) and the contrasting Aubisque, it is one
of the most spectacular panoramas in the Pyrenees.

Gourette is an important winter sports resort and was the first downhill skiing destination in the Pyrenees, dating back to 1903.
The resort only came into being in 1930 with the construction of the 1st hotel. But it wasn’t until the late 1960s that urban-style building construction really took off.

In the summer, Gourette’s mountain pastures were once home to the famous whistling shepherds of Aas. This tradition, which was unique in Europe at the time, originated in the Cirque de Gourette where the shepherds used this usual method to communicate amongst themselves!

Enjoy your stay in Gourette!