The Ossau Valley, land of hiking, eldorado walkers...
From the easiest walks around the villages of the Valley to the hardest ascent in the stones dotted with endemic plants, the Ossau Valley is the playground for all those who like to activate their legs and take full mirettes.
From the lower valley where children and parents walk together to discover the villages, easy and bucolic trails (the Arriu Mage) to the territory of the Pyrenees National Park in the upper valley for more physical hikes, a multitude of routes is possible.
Easy hike with the family

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Sports hikes in the Ossau

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Practical hike

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From the outing to the half-day, to the day, over several days, all desires are exhaussed.
Terrain and landscapes are very marked: high pastures (Cirque d'Anéou), grey granite rocks dotted with yellow lichen (Pic du Midi d'Ossau), forests and peaks (Arriutort and Montagnon), mountain lakes (Lake Isabe), prehistoric traces with mysterious cromlechs (Stone Circles)
In the Ossau Valley, the trails are a symbol and a history. They tell the story of mountain civilization: pastoral and forestry activities, a taste for hospitality, a commitment to the valley… authentic and engaging culture