It's when the mountains put on their white coats that the magic happens !

Here, snow is seen as a magical ingredient that transforms the landscape.

To enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the peace and quiet of the mountains in winter, there's nothing like a snowshoe hike. Whether with family or friends, for a day or on a tour, on your own or with a guide, you'll enjoy a complete change of scenery. In the silence of winter, to the rhythm of your strides, following the tracks of isards or foxes, you're bound to discover the Ossau Valley from a different angle...
Our mountain guides will be delighted to help you discover the winter riches of the Ossau Valley!
They'll give you the chance to discover their walking areas with a professional and informed eye.

A constructive exchange based on respect for the environment, local customs and the surrounding heritage will help you discover the mountains in a fun and professional way.

The advantages of a guided outing :

  • An itinerary adapted to your level
  • Discover the natural environment and heritage
  • An exchange of ideas
  • A human encounter
  • A safe outing
  • In the Ossau valley, our mountain guides are waiting to help you discover the mountains from an original angle!
There are a number of snowshoe hikes on offer, the best known of which include the Cirque d'Anéou, the Cabane de Chérue, Pont de Camps, the Plateau de Soussouéou and the Lacs d'Ayous.
And after all that effort, there's nothing like a hot chocolate or, for those with a sweet tooth, a home-made garbure, to warm up and reminisce about the magical moments of a day spent on snowshoes !
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