Via Ferrata / Via Cordata



Easy and accessible, the Via Ferrata is a route arranged in walls and cliffs using ladders, cables and fixed ropes. Ideal for those looking for vertical emotions but do not dare to try climbing.

The Via Ferrata of Siala (Route de Gourette)

Cliff equipped with ladders and protected by cables, this wall of 150 meters of elevation allows to taste the joys of climbing with maximum safety.
The via begins with a Nepalese bridge to cross the torrent followed by a rising path that leads to the rungs. Enjoy the forest atmosphere and the view overlooking the waterfalls of Valentin.
Depending on your ease, the route has 3 variants from easy to very difficult from 1h to 3h.
Free access site for athletes who have the complete equipment: harness, 2 lanyards, shock absorber and helmet. For novices, accompanied by professionals.


The Via Corda (or Via Cordata) is a cliff adventure route. The progression is usually horizontal in the middle of the wall, on a ledge (natural terrace) and roped.

The Via Cordata du Hourat

In the heart of the Ossau Valley, the Via Cordata du Hourat is located at the exit of Laruns and overlooks the Hourat gorges, in a lush and aquatic atmosphere, 10 to 20 m above the gave d'Ossau.
There is a very aerial climbing crossing of 80m, a fun and rugged trail to the highlight of the course: 2 magnificent monkey bridges of nearly 20m.
Wild and unusual, this spot offers sensations similar to those provided by climbing.
Support by professionals highly recommended.
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