Equestrian ride


Donkey, pony, horse, each his mount !
Nothing like a horse ride to reconnect with nature. Travel to discover your deep emotions thanks to the sensitivity of horses.
The Ossau Valley offers a range of equestrian activities: initiations, hikes, stays. 
If you want to taste freedom, the great gallops in the preserved spaces are for you.
If you prefer to wander in small steps, adapt your pace to that of the donkey…

The horses of the Benou

Benou, the horse on a platter…

From mid-June to September, on the Plateau du Benou, Chevauchée Pyrénéenne offers walks and hikes for beginners or advanced riders. 
You discover the unknown richness of the plateau, between immense plains, steep coasts in the middle of ferns and magnificent panoramas on the bottom of the Valley of Ossau.

The Horses of the Lake

At the foot of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau, on the shore of Lake Bious-Artigues, «the cavalry» of the Horses of the Lake offers walks and hikes.
In the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, this majestic environment with steep paths, preserved nature, rich in flora and fauna and intense pastoral life is conducive to beautiful horseback riding.
“Once upon a time…
A donkey in the land of forests and lakes
Who wanted to share with young and old his love for hiking.
He is waiting to accompany you on the paths of freedom…
Your luggage, it will carry… Your children, it will amaze”

Small steps at the port of Castet

The association Petit Pas, open all year, awaits you on the paths of the Ossau Valley for unforgettable walks and hikes in the company of a gentle animal, intelligent, thoughtful, patient, caring…. Donkey!
Leaving with a donkey is the happiness of being able to go with family, with children who will want to take care of this docile accomplice and walk without «balking».
It is also to live an unforgettable adventure, privileged, a good experience of sharing and trust.

Pierre Vidal

Mountain guide, he offers outings with his donkeys.
Célestine, the grey donkey, Auguste, the donkey of the Pyrenees and other donkeys accompany you on the paths and villages of the Ossau Valley.
On their backs, the little ones are lulled by the quiet and assured step of this sweet companion. For «old tired backs», this traditional «luggage rack» allows you to walk light.
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