Climbing in Ossau


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Whether indoors or outdoors, on boulders or cliffs, rock climbing (another name for climbing) is a sport accessible to all that provides multiple personal satisfactions such as overcoming your apprehension, harmoniously controlling your body, have self-confidence and strive to excel. It is an activity in direct contact with the mountain environment.
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Climb a little, a lot or passionately in a relaxed atmosphere. Climbing is a magical game of balance and concentration, an activity that clears the head and purifies life. One meter after another, we rise little by little, leaving "on the ground" everything that can ruin our daily lives. Unique contact with the elements, climbing is an outdoor sport in which everyone expresses himself at his own level, according to his own path.


The bouldering thing.

It is practiced on small rocks only a few meters high (3 to 5 meters maximum). This type of climbing requires only a minimum of equipment. Leave in the closet rope, harness and carabiners, only a good pair of climbing shoes is necessary to have fun, not to mention a protective mattress called «crash pad» and a partner to ensure a parade in case of fall.

In the Ossau Valley, the site of Pont de Camps offers the ideal playground for its practice.

Cliff climbing

Cliff climbing is practiced with a rope, only outdoors. It requires increased vigilance because the height can reach hundreds of meters.
Regarding the equipment, a harness, a rope, a brake system, a helmet, a climbing bag and freezes are essential.
The benefits of cliff climbing? It helps to overcome the fear of emptiness, to control stress while contributing to muscle building.
A minimum of training and technique are necessary to get started in his practice.
For less experienced climbers, the accompaniment of qualified supervision is imperative.

The main spots of the Ossau Valley:

 The rock school of Arudy
This rock full of big catches will allow beginners to take off on tracks from 8 to 30 meters of all levels.

The cliffs of Arudy

The limestone cliffs, with 230 lanes up to 55 meters high, are spread over several sectors. Beautiful initiation routes to very technical routes with strong overhangs, overhangs, air crossings follow each other on long and beautiful lengths and will delight climbers of all levels.

Topos climbing Arudy

Foundry: Main Sector
Houn de Laa sector
Siren sector
Sun sector
Wafer Sector
Sestau sector
Malaraude Cave

The Hourat in Laruns

Wall of impressive appearance by its verticality, it offers many long routes up to 50m for an athletic and exciting climbing.

Miegebat to Laruns (Pourtalet pass road)

Large limestone cliff that stretches above the Miegebat hydroelectric plant with 8 lanes of which only 2 are equipped, it attracts by the purity of its forms and its gray color. It is the pleasure of confirmed climbers (6a to 8a). 

The cliffs of Arrémoulit in Laruns (Artouste sector)

On the walls close to the refuge of Arrémoulit, a whole series of sectors on an excellent granite offers routes between 10 and 150m with for backdrop lakes and refreshing meadows. 80 routes 4c to 7a are practicable, ideally from May to October.
To get there, you take the Train d'Artouste followed by a walk of about 1h15 or you climb from the Caillou de Soques via the Col d'Arrious (3h – 3h30 by the passage of Orteig).
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