Climbing summits


Climb the legendary summits of the Ossau Valley...

Normal route to the Pic du Midi d'Ossau (2884m)

The Peak of all legends

Rare are the mountains that maintain a haughty solitude so as to be an entire landscape by their mere presence. So it is with the Pic du Midi d'Ossau.  It is a monument that offers an ideal playground for rock climbing, with its hundred or so routes ranging from 3b (easy) to 7b (very difficult).
The normal route up this ancient volcano is the easiest way to reach the summit. This rock-climbing tour requires good preparation and a good level of walking ability, given its length and altitude difference (one day and a positive altitude difference of over 1000m). The alternation of 3 chimneys of around twenty metres (for safety, take a 50m rope to cross them and a helmet for the whole ascent) and passages of simple walking adds a playful side to this climb. But don't underestimate this summit, which requires a great deal of experience... and the wisdom to know when to give up if the weather isn't right. 
Professional accompaniment is strongly recommended, as are helmets and a rescue rope.

At the summit, a breathtaking 360° view!

South ridge of Pène Sarrière (1936m)

The tightrope walk

The summit of the Cirque de Gourette. To the north, its slope is one of tall grass and bilberry bushes, framed to the west and east by two vertical faces of beautiful limestone.
This little peak is so pretty that it stands out like a trinket in the landscape.
The southern ridge is not visible, fortunately .... Because it's so thin that many would give up. Feet, hands, willpower and the bottom of your trousers are all needed for beginners, as the ridge at the start is barely wider than the sole of a shoe...  
Less than 4 hours AR from Gourette.

Normal route to Palas (2974m)

A beautiful granite pyramid in lake country.

This peak, the highest in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, is accessible to anyone in good physical condition. It is not difficult, but there are a few vertiginous sections, particularly on the Géodésiens ridge, and the panorama is sumptuous.
From the Arrémoulit refuge, this 670m ascent can be done as a loop: ascent via the Ledormeur chimney and descent via the Géodésiens ridge, or vice versa.
It is strongly recommended that you are accompanied by a professional, and that you wear a helmet and carry a safety rope.

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