Béarnaise music


Here, the song reflects the soul of Béarn, its history, traditions, legends, and much more…
Whatever the themes (love, nature, mountains or family), these songs can be interpreted on any occasion, but mainly during village festivals. 
Usually sung by male choirs, they gather the Ossalois united by the same passion.

The groups of the Ossau Valley

From old Béarn tunes to new compositions, from capella polyphonies to more rhythmic pieces, some bands stand out.

Among them are Los de Laruntz and Lous Amics de Bielle, the two emblematic groups of the valley that resume the traditional songs.

The group Esta and Jean-Luc Mongaugé, meanwhile, offer their own compositions in the language of the country.
If you do not yet know the Béarn songs, go to a village festival or other traditional event and you will certainly hear one of these famous melodies.

 Today, a polyphonic revival is emerging with the appearance of many small groups of young people, thus strengthening the cultural identity of our valley: 
Who from Ey, Arudy Cant'Aussau, Natseipas, Los Arrosecs, Holia, Las Campanetas, Per Amor, Mes-Oc, Los Arrosecs and many more...