Bielle, "capdulh" of the valley
Bielle is the former "capital" (capdulh) of the valley, where the jurats took all the administrative and legal decisions. These decisions were recorded in the Red Book, which itself was kept in a safe in a special room in the church known as the "Ségrari".
The church (15th and 16th centuries), listed as a Monument Historique, is one of the village's most remarkable features, with its nave, vaulted ceiling and openings, as well as the marble columns coveted by King Henry IV at the time...
The very fine architectural quality of the 15th and 16th century houses, adorned and decorated with sculptures, makes for a pleasant stroll through the village on the "La jurade" walking trail. Children can also have fun exploring the streets of Bielle on the Tèrra Aventura geocaching trail.
Nearby: the Espace naturel du lac de Castet, a place for walking and discovering the saligue environment, on the banks of the Gave d'Ossau.