La boucle du piémont ossalois à vélo

  • Distance :
    • 47.4 km
  • Vertical rise :
    • Dénivelé positif cumulé 735
  • Temps de parcours :
    • 4h
  • Level of difficulty :
    • Moyenne
  • Mode of travel :
    • à vélo


This panoramic loop at the gateway to the Ossau valley has all the ingredients for a complete tour. From a heritage point of view, several villages will be visited on this land occupied by man since the dawn of time, criss-crossed by ancestral roads and nourished by the healing waters of the Gave d'Ossau. Typical Béarn houses, manor houses, castles, churches, dolmens, wash-houses and viewpoints follow one another as you explore the villages and hamlets. So many invitations to pause and observe. If you're a sporty type, you're in for an invigorating loop, as the trail weaves its way from one valley to the next in search of new discoveries: it climbs ancient moraines, and here and there scours promising back roads. The climbs are one after the other, but the ever-changing scenery will soon make you forget how demanding some of the bumps can be.
    • Type of route :
      • Vélo


    - Departure/Arrival
    - Point of interest
    • Croix de Buzy

    De Rébénacq à Sévignacq

    • R28-TD-1-PiemontArudy

    De Sévignacq à Lys

    • Lys

    De Lys à Rébénacq



    • Croix de Buzy
    • Dolmen
    • Lys
    • R28-TD-1-PiemontArudy
    • R28-TF-1-ValléeSecours
    Croix de BuzyDolmenLysR28-TD-1-PiemontArudyR28-TF-1-ValléeSecours