Le col de Marie Blanque en vélo

  • Distance :
    • 17 km
  • Vertical rise :
    • Dénivelé positif cumulé 650
  • Temps de parcours :
    • 2
  • Level of difficulty :
    • Difficile
  • Mode of travel :
    • à vélo


Leaving Arudy, taking the Col de Marie-Blanque route offers the advantage of turning your legs over a few kilometers for a bucolic warm-up along the banks of the Gave and the Ossau greenway. The ascent really begins in Bielle, and although the welcome sign announces an average gradient of 5.2% over 11 km, this remains a (misleading) average, and this easy preamble will come in very handy. In reality, the climb is a two-storey ramp. The first four kilometers are the steepest, with gradients that can flirt with 10%. But the views are remarkable, both over the valley and the mountain village of Bilhères-en-Ossau. The intermediate traverse of the Benou plateau gives you the chance to catch your breath amidst cows and horses grazing freely in a picture-postcard setting. Only one difficult kilometer remains to f
    • Type of route :
      • Vélo


    - Departure/Arrival
    - Point of interest
    • R14-TB-1-VVOssau

    D'Arudy à Bielle

    • R14-TC-3-LacetBilheres

    De Bielle au Benou

    • R14-TD-3-ColMB

    Du Benou au sommet du col



    • R14-PI2-Bilheres
    • R14-PI3-plateauBenou
    • R14-TB-1-VVOssau
    • R14-TC-3-LacetBilheres
    • R14-TD-1-Benou
    • R14-TD-3-ColMB