Sévignacq-Meyracq, the first lookout point over the valley
Two secular abbeys (from the Sévignacq and Meyracq seigneuries) were officially united in the 19th century to form the eponymous village. 
Situated on the front moraine, the village is the first lookout point over the valley. In the past, a wise sign (now on the front of a private house) invited walkers to stop: "au soum mé répaüsi!" (at the summit, I rest).
In Sévignacq, the 17th-century Château d'Etigny stands next to the church of Saint Pierre.
In Meyracq, you'll find the former 17th-century chapel of Saint Saturnin, now privately owned, as well as 16th- and 17th-century Béarn-style houses.
Further north, near Rébénacq, the Bains de Secours district is nestled in a pretty valley (with a wellness centre, guest rooms and hotel).